A Website Starting From Tattoos And The Associations

This is a website built out of curiosity

Research and share some interesting topics around tattooing

How did people start tattooing themselves? How has the modern view of tattooing changed around the world?
This website is aiming to find out the might not be so important but should be quite interesting answers around those topics through both primary and secondary research.


​Tattoo Study Room

Looking into the PAST. This section attempt to share research materials around tattooing and break the boundaries between disciplines and regions. Try to view tattooing with a more inclusive and unbiased vision.

Coffee and Tea

The craft of injecting ink into the skin has played many different roles in cultures around the world throughout different periods of history. The purpose of this section is to explore where is tattooing from diverse perspectives in the PRESENT, in the era of global cultural integration.

The Inked Stories

Who are you? What's your story behind the ink? Is a tattoo a craft or an art? What is the relationship between tattooing and time? How would tattooing change in the FUTURE?
You are more than welcome to share your stories with us.